Free, Web-Based Multi-Carrier Shipping Software with Discounted Rates to support eCommerce.

XPS seamlessly integrates with your eCommerce stores & marketplaces, quickly extracts incoming orders, and lets you browse and compare discounted shipping rates. With XPS’s free shipping application, you can easily integrate your eCommerce store. As a shipping software application solution, XPS allows you to put your focus back on your business, all while saving you time, money, and headaches.

We are your eCommerce Shipping solution.  Better rates, Better software, Better service, all to make your business better.

The challenge

Competing with the Big Boys

Large volume shippers can negotiate for bargain carrier rates, because they have the clout and volumes to negotiate with.

However, low and medium volume shippers have a hard time competing with the big boys.  The software is expensive and cumbersome, and the rates aren’t typically that great either.  This is especially true for eCommerce shippers.

If you’re selling on multiple marketplaces (like Amazon, eBay, Esty, Wayfair, Walmart) and if you have your own eCommerce website as well, you know how complex fulfillment becomes.  If you add to that multiple carriers to facilitate standard, expedited and international orders . . . well, it becomes downright burdensome.  The large firms have the resources to manage this complexity, but as a small or medium sized company, you need to make every dollar count.

Easy eCommerce Integration
No User Fees Set Us Apart
Best Shipping Rates
Live Customer Service

The solution

XPS Solves your problem.  It’s a one stop shop that will pull all your orders into a single “to ship” list (yes, it logs into Amazon, eBay, and all the other marketplaces without you even making a single click), and then provides you with a clean and manageable workflow to create labels and ship each package flawlessly.  Not only that, you get pricing that competes with the big stores.

XPSship provide quality shipping software, that’s easy to use and offers discounts on rates, even for low volume shippers.


How to get started

It only takes minutes to sign up and you’ll be streamlining your fulfillment in minutes.  Our support staff are available with a phone call (or email/text if you prefer), and they are located right here in the USA!  Support is our specialty.

Check out the Full XPS Ship Solution


We did our due diligence in researching the best shipping option for our product and thought we had found our solution. Then we came across XPS shipping.  Lower shipping price, fantastic back end platform, robust user interface that is simple to use and ultimately, phenomenal client support. We have already recommended XPS shipping to fellow business owners!

Jason Moffat
Owner at Rustic Tomato

A Bellevue, Iowa company, K9 Comfort is a dog boarding, training, and grooming facility and also sells pet-related products through an online store. When we were introduced to XPS ship, the customer service was great, they answered all of my questions and their site is very user friendly.

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