Enterprise Technology that drives the shipping & logistics industry.

Whether it’s a SaaS shipping platform, a custom API, a direct carrier integration, eCommerce integration, or even ground up custom work, Rock Solid can solve the problem.  As the go-to solution for white-label custom parcel solutions, we are the leading tech powering the parcel reselling industry.

If you’re an Agent-based Reseller, a 3PL, or an Independent Shipping Agent (or want to become one), only Rock Solid gives you complete control of customer pricing and full integration with your own multi-carrier/multi-cart shipping platform.


The challenge

Providing Quality Branded Shipping Solutions

When a carrier reseller, 3PL, or independent shipping agent wants to offer their clients a quality branded shipping solution, they come to Rock Solid.  In fact, even the carriers, like DHL send their new resellers to Rock Solid for solutions that work.

At first glance, it may appear to be a perfect “spreadsheet” solution, but when you get into the details of marking up wholesale discount rates, when those rates include every weight, zone, and service, for any carrier with shipments that include any “From” and “To”, in any address in the world, and then you want to mark up that rate by some arbitrary contracted percentage or dollar amount, or discount one zone or a set of services at a specified amount . . . and then you add in “Fuel Surcharges”, “Remote Area Surcharges”, “Residential surcharges”, etc. and you want to do that for each carrier you offer, it quickly becomes obvious that spreadsheets can’t do the job.  Then you realize that you need to do this for each carrier, and then modify each time a carrier changes their terms of service.  It very quickly becomes an Enterprise level problem.

The solution

flexibility to accommodate any situation

Rock Solid solves this with over 1.5 million lines of code and the flexibility to accommodate any situation you might imagine.  Yep, we can even custom develop a unique solution for your specific parcel problem.  We’ve done certified direct integrations with the US Postal Office, integrated international postal organizations in various countries, and maintain these systems to the highest standards.

We offer white label shipping software integrated with our REMS enterprise billing back end, for the industries most envied solution for parcel resellers.


Our Key Services

Rates Management

Gives you full control of markup/discounts to any individual shipper. Full flexibility by carrier, zone, class of service, etc.

Corporate Dashboard

Big business intelligence without the big price tag.

Collections Receivables

At the heart of every business is their ability to collect what they are due. Receivables/collections/invoicing is also at the heart of Rock Solid.

Base Rate Audits

Rock Solid validates for you that the carrier is charging you the agreed rates on your parcels.

Agent/Franchise Management

Track all agent/franchise sales performance and manage access.

Customer Retention/Trending

Improved customer retention is key to sales growth. Rock Solid Big Data provides access to this vital information.

Create Shipping Labels

Revenue starts when a label is created. Rock Solid gives you the tools to provide to your shippers.


Create labels for all the major carriers in the same software. No need to jump systems.

Multi-Shopping Cart

Download orders from multiple shopping carts. Fulfill all at once even though orders come from Amazon, eBay and your own website.

Automated Workflows

Flexible to handle multiple different workflows, including pick & pack, batch, one-off, etc. Streamline the whole process.

Online Invoicing/Payments

Shippers can pay their invoices directly online. Faster payment, lower A/R.

Batch Procesing

Manage batch label processes to speed up fulfillment of similar or batch orders.


The results

It’s truly amazing.  Some have called it a “business in a box”. 

Other than your sales efforts, Rock Solid provides the tools that enable you to scale your parcel business without worrying about the technical.

Check out the Full Rock Solid Solutions by visiting our website or giving us a call.


Advanced, yet simple to use

We have worked closely with Rock Solid over the past 5 years – to our utmost satisfaction. Rock Solid has provided a critical component in the foundation of our business, and they have always been very fair, friendly and logical. With Rock Solid’s ever-improving platform, our customers are able to have a streamlined experience that is advanced, yet simple to use, and that has allowed us to focus on growing our business. Thank you to everyone at Rock Solid – we appreciate all that you do, and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Eric Pugh
President Elite Logistics, Inc.

Rock Solid is the Premier Parcel Software Solution

Preferred Shipping has been working with Rock Solid for approximately 10 years. Our customer relationship has been a collaborative strategic partnership. Rock Solid’s system has evolved as our business has evolved and today is considered by most to be the “Premier Parcel Software Solution”. It has been an honor to have worked with Adam Boyle and his team. We are confident based on past experience that Rock Solid will continue to deliver state of the art technology. And we look forward to working together for many years to come.

George Flowers
President Preferred Shipping Inc.

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